Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering 3-Mile Style is Fun!!!!

One thing that helps keep Three Mile Island's spirit alive, interesting, and genuine are the volunteer opportunities that keep us rooted to the things we love. So much of what makes Three Mile special is directly related to the variety of volunteer efforts that abound. Whether it be a camper who organizes a nature writing afternoon at North Point, an old-timer who returns each fall to cook for the crew, a web designer who keeps the website alive, or a happy person with a hammer, TMI can accommodate all interests and abilities. Is it work? Sure (some is). Is it fun? You bet!

Listed below are the volunteer opportunities that are available each season. We encourage you to contact the volunteer coordinator for each event if you have any questions.

Spring Opening Weekend: May 31 - June 2, 2019

Join us for a weekend of trail repair, handyman projects, and opening camp. Help sweep cobwebs, organize the kitchen, roof a cabin, cook dinner, stain a john, rig a boat, you get the idea. All talents and ages welcome. The more the merrier!
Coordinated by: Dinty Child.

Summer Opportunities: Summer Camping Weeks

It's only Tuesday and you've already raced to the end of that bodice-ripper of a romance novel that you thought would last you the week? Twice? Have we got a suggestion for you! Plenty of campers are discovering the fun of pitching in around camp during their summer stays. We're always looking for folks to cane chair seats on the Main Dock, mentor "da Croo" in a variety of skills, select a project from the Summer Co-managers list, or suggest a contribution of their own. Coordinated by: Summer Co-managers

Stonedam Island Check-ups: TBA

AMC Three Mile Island Camp assists the Lakes Region Conservation Trust with periodic checks on Stonedam Island. Volunteers perform litter patrols and check on trail conditions.
Coordinated by: Summer Co-managers during the summer season, or Dinty Child during the spring and fall.

Five Mile Island Spring Clean-up: TBA

Five Mile Island was recently acquired by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust. The AMC assists with trail clearing and periodic clean-ups.
Coordinated by: Summer Co-managers during the summer season, or Dinty Child during the spring and fall.

Fall Volunteer Work Week: September 8 - 13, 2019

Experience the island in all its Indian Summer splendor with a handful of other volunteers as we turn our handyman skills to odd jobs around camp. Projects range from light carpentry and hardware repair to painting, plumbing, refinishing furniture, you get the idea... Attendance is free and includes all meals and lodging, plus plenty of time for R & R. Attendance limited to 12, so sign up now!
Coordinated by: Stroker Rogovin at (781) 641-2506, or volunteer_info@3mile.org.

Fall Closing Weekend: September 27 - 29, 2019

Help put camp to bed for the winter. As usual, we'll be packing up the kitchen, bagging mattresses, locking shutters, hauling and storing boats, etc. Same as opening camp, we welcome people of all ages, abilities, and interests. The Three Mile Camp Committee also meets on the Island this weekend, so it's a great chance to catch up on news and get better acquainted with the volunteers and staff that make Three Mile the super place it is.
Coordinated by: Dinty Child.