Week 5 Compilation

Week 5 has again written some wonderful haiku poems and sent them for posting. To quote Stew Wolf:

"It is with great joy that I write to you. Three Mile has always been a place for great creativity. Its as if, when the spirit is free and at ease, the juices flow, pouring forth bountiful stories, poetry, painting and photographs."

As you may be aware, over the last two seasons, during week 5, we have had an Art and Poetry Festival, whereat campers of all ages are welcome "to air" their wares and present their souls. Indeed, this year, the Festival began with a Haiku workshop in which the most remarkable images were put to paper, and then shared.

Other poems followed, in what turned out to be a most enjoyable evening.

Here are some that were sent along:

"dragonfly on water", by Jill Morse Menezes - dedicated to Warren Morse

dragonfly hover
shimmer sunlight sparkling blind
deepest blue and green

"swimming in the rain", by Jill Morse Menezes - dedicated to Gail Murray

needles of wet sting
rush shower silken pressure
sliding past the shore

by Allison McKenna

the water is clear
the boat is almost ready
today we will sail

"rock island channel", by Jill Morse Menezes

shimmering glass beads
darting over aqua green
pool I could fall in

3 poems by Carol Gaetjen

Scents of pine, hemlock,
Sun flickering off water,
I cannot leave here.

Endless easy laughter
at lunch and supper and breakfast,
mixed with a dash of wit, humor and friendly digs.
Old friends are family

6:15 AM,
Silky water slides by skin.
Air is silent, primal and pure as Eden.
I venture as far as I dare toward the Beavers,
to reach first morning sun,
and look down the misty Broads -

a poem from Don Perley of Week 7

Swim by the cabin
Sun! Must stop, hot water shave!
Continue around.

"Bud Wiser", by Bruce Perry

One magnificent belch
rising up through my throat
headed to enlightenment