Memories of Three Mile Island Camp; 1920-1929

(originally published in 1983 in A History of Three Mile Island Camp by Stroker Rogovin)

"IN JULY 1920, my mother introduced me to Three Mile. We traveled by train on the Boston & Maine. Starting at the old North Station, in Boston, we went to Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester to Alton Bay, where we boarded the STR "Mount Washington." We had lunch on this famous boat, as we sailed to the Weirs, thence to Bear Island. .. . .

Peregrine White and John Alden, c. 1920. The boys are standing on the rock upon which the first "Appy" stepped when coming to inspect the Island as a possible site for August Camp 1900

"In 1927 I was asked to be a 'waiter.' Even though I had been at Three Mile for many summers, I had much to learn as a crew member. Setting up tents with the conveyance of cots, mattresses, etc., both by boat and by land, took much muscle and brain-power at the start of the season.... Camp was presided over by Prof. Crosby R Baker and his wife, Ruth, during these summers. They did a great job, with many challenges to meet.

"The summer of 1928, I was asked to be at Three Mile around June 17th as a member of the Spraying Crew before camp opened ................ time off was spent swimming, rowing, diving, horseshoes. I had a part-time job paddling a lady around the lake.

"In 1929, I graduated to the Big Kitchen. The pay was good for the long hours spent on the job. Day began about 5:30 A.M., to get the fires going and assist Freddy the Chef and Minnie the Pastry Cook in preparing breakfast.

"One hot morning, with only shorts and a t-shirt, I found myself locked in the ice-box. I could hear Freddy and Minnie yelling, "Where is that boy??" Finally, after being well-chilled, the door was opened from the outside. Later on, a latch was applied to the inside."

John C. Alden
Boston, 1980