Lights, Camera, Relaxation!

Who will be in the director's chair this summer?

NH Public Television was overwhelmed by the surprise success of WIllem Lange's Camping on Three Mile Island video. This show, highlighting all the reasons that campers love the island and return year after year, made a big impression on a lot of people.

In particular, it made a big impression on some executives at CBS. The network that made Survivor wants to produce a different sort of reality TV show.

Plans are constantly changing, but it will all come together soon. The format is likely to involve a different celebrity on the island each week. Imagine Greg Louganis taking some dives off of Wicked High, and coaching the Croo on their technique. Or Martha Stewart giving tips on cabin decorating and the perfect way to fold a deer hat.

In addition to the usual AMC liability waiver, all TMI campers this summer will be asked to sign an Audio/video release form. Please download a copy of this form and bring it with you when you visit.

New Plans for Rec Hall

sketch of the rec hall redesign

After several months of deliberation, with input from last year's campers, the TMI Committee decided to renovate the Rec Hall on the main dock. Many campers were disappointed, since proposed designs for replacing it (see sketch) included many improvements over the current structure. Unfortunately, a new building would be too expensive.

That was the situation before one of our Winnipesaukee neighbors made the redesign a reality. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has generously offered to make our Rec Hall every bit as posh as the garage under construction at his other vacation home. (Of course, our structure will not feature an elevator.)

Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom points out that if even 10 to 20 campers are grateful enough to vote for Mr. Romney in November, these will be some of the cheaper votes he has bought. And, Mr. Fehrnstrom adds, "Mitt knows it is time to start preparing for the 2016 New Hampshire primaries."

See blueprints of the redesigned Rec Hall and more of Fehrnstrom's candid observations.

Update: When asked to comment, President Obama noted that even the redesigned Rec Hall will be less luxurious than the compound where Osama Bin Laden was living.

April Fools!

If you missed the article on Locally Grown Food, there is a link to it from the April Fools page. (Our watch monkeys report that this page was viewed 39 times between April 1 and April 7.)

Locally Grown!

Kai Bicknell tends a potted tomato plant on the main dock.

In 2010, campers enjoyed salads with tomatoes grown right on the island. (See the photo at right, where Kai Bicknell is tending to the tomato plant.) Week 9 campers got a special treat: a Thanksgiving-style feast including free-range turkeys raised right here on Three Mile Island.

The Three Mile Island Committee and managers have agreed to take a big step forward in 2011. In addition to locally grown vegetables and game birds, we plan to convert the Rhododendron Swamp and the Cliff Swamp into rice paddies. Campers will take turns tending to the crop, and we will all feel pride of ownership when we share the fruits of our labor.

Sign up now for your turn working the rice paddies. Do it now, before all the best time slots are taken!

April Fools!

If you missed the article on the Radical Sustainability Plan, there is a link to it from the April Fools page. (Our watch monkeys report that this page was viewed 89 times between April 1 and April 19.)

Changes on the dock!

Main Dock with cooling tower

According to the Sustainability Report (page 9), the camp consumes 24 MW-hours of electricity each year, producing 22 tons of CO2. No more! Thanks to our sound fiscal management and the current "buyer's market" in the construction industry, we were able to install a small nuclear reactor on the site of the former tennis court. From now on, TMI will benefit from carbon-free electricity. During the off season, we plan to sell our excess capacity to Meredith or Wolfboro.

During Croo Week (June 19–26) we will run pipes from the reactor to the Kivvie Pool, converting it into a hot tub. Contact Stroker Rogovin if you would like to help with this project.

When friends look askance at your "Three Mile Island" T-shirts, you will no longer be able to say, "not the one with a nuclear reactor."

April Fools!

If you missed the article on the Clivus Controversy, there is a link to it from the April Fools page. (Our watch monkeys report that this page was viewed 72 times between April 1 and April 9.)

Clivus Controversy

raking out the Clivus composting toilet

The low-odor Newcastle outhouse has been very popular, but it also has its critics.  The first complaint is the cost of installing the Clivus composting toilet.  After saving money for years, the AMC insisted on spending tens of thousands for the Swedish-designed system, and TMI campers were forced to hold an emergency fundraiser to replace the main dock.

The second problem is what to do with its end product:  high-nutrient fertilizer.  Environmentally and legally, it is unacceptable to dump "nutrient" on a rocky island, as it ends up washing into the lake.  One way or another, it must be carried off the island.

April Fools!

This year's joke was on our home page for about two weeks. If you missed it, we saved it here. Thanks to Don Perley for supplying this year's prank.

Our Own Maple Syrup

tree with a pail to catch its sap

In keeping with the "eat local" movement, campers this summer will be able to top their pancakes with maple syrup made from trees right on the island! The camp has long bought its syrup from Richard Covey, father-in-law of Andrea, our former cook. He recently upgraded to a vacuum extraction system for his sap, so Andrea was able to borrow his old gear to bring up to the island.

We are able to pull off the final boil with methane extracted from outhouses around the island, so the whole process is not only carbon neutral, but counts as an offset credit enough to balance the committee's winter meeting in St. Thomas.

For more information, or if you would like to help collect the sap, click here.


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