Application for Off-Season Programming

Click here for a printable version of this application (PDF, 6 pages).

We appreciate your interest in hosting a group on Three Mile Island during our off-season. Three Mile Island (TMI) has a long history of providing a haven from the complexities of modern day life. Our campers willingly trade the amenities of today's technologies for the opportunity to be in closer touch with the natural surroundings. Programs offered during our off-season will appreciate and honor these opportunities.

A successful off-season program will be in sync with Three Mile's vision and mission, will bring with it a management team and work crew that have the experience and capacity to function in a setting with limited facilities, and will involve campers who relish what the island has to offer. Although the island has electrical power in some areas (Main House, dock area), being able to function "Off the Grid" and following the principles of minimal environmental impact is key to hosting a successful program.

For that reason, we ask all applicants to familiarize themselves with TMI's Purpose, Vision, and Mission (below), and then review and complete the Guidelines and Application for Off-Season Use. This process allows all parties to determine whether there is a good fit between the proposed program and Three Mile's capacity to host it.

Purpose... Three Mile Island Camp blends historical tradition with present innovation to support a community committed to simple living in a natural environment.

Vision... TMI will support the AMC mission by being:

  • A leader in experiential and place-based environmental education
  • A haven where families and individuals can experience the natural world together
  • An exemplary Volunteer Managed Facility
  • A partner with the local community in preserving and protecting the Lakes Region
  • A source of recreational opportunity and spiritual renewal
  • A model of voluntary simplicity

Mission... Three Mile Island Camp will feature:

  • Dedication to the ongoing goal of living "as close to nature as...reasonable regard for comfort will allow," using state of the art low-impact technology with best practices in place regarding environmental impact
  • An environmental education program which utilizes TMI's setting to teach campers to live lightly on the land, not only at TMI but also at home, and to understand the environmental issues facing the Lakes Region
  • An atmosphere where children, parents, grandparents and friends share fun, love and spiritual attachment to their natural surroundings, and where new campers are invited to adopt TMI's philosophy of commitment to and stewardship of the land
  • A strong, engaged volunteer committee actively responsible for the well-being of the Island
  • A volunteer program which engages those who visit the island in its success, thereby guaranteeing a stable and healthy future for TMI
  • A partnership with local organizations such as the Lakes Region Conservation Trust and the Loon Preservation Society

TMI Considerations

As groups present proposals for the off-season use of TMI, careful consideration will be given to programs that recognize and appreciate TMI values, beliefs and history.