Clivus Controversy

raking out the Clivus composting toilet

The low-odor Newcastle outhouse has been very popular, but it also has its critics.  The first complaint is the cost of installing the Clivus composting toilet.  After saving money for years, the AMC insisted on spending tens of thousands for the Swedish-designed system, and TMI campers were forced to hold an emergency fundraiser to replace the main dock.

The second problem is what to do with its end product:  high-nutrient fertilizer.  Environmentally and legally, it is unacceptable to dump "nutrient" on a rocky island, as it ends up washing into the lake.  One way or another, it must be carried off the island.

Now that the Clivus is full, there is only one solution.  Starting this summer, the TMI Committee is instituting a carry-on, carry-out policy. Each camper will be given a small bag of fertilizer from the Clivus to take home.  It is legal in most states to use this on flower gardens (not vegetables) in your back yard or window boxes.  For information on the chemical composition, comparing it to commonly available fertilizers, click here.