Yellow Birch 2: Tent to Cabin

In September 2017, during Stroker Rogovin's annual work week, a dedicated group of talented volunteers built a brand new cabin on Three Mile Island for the first time in more than 70 years. The cabin, Yellow Birch 2, occupies the space previously taken up by a tent and its platform. Sam Bridge, former TMI croo and TMI committee member who does residential remodeling and custom cabinetry, provided a series of time lapse videos that shows the majority of the building process (below). This is just one example of the many ways in which volunteers contribute to the TMI community.

For a collection of archival documents related to this project, click here (courtesy of Paul Robertson and Stroker Rogovin).

Click below to view some project photos from the TMI archives.

Photo #1 (Jake Barker, Sam Bridge, Paul Robertson)

Photo #2 (Nicholas Cartmell, Nick Barker, Paul Robertson)

Photo #3 (Jake Barker, Paul Robertson)