Rec Hall Grand Opening Weekend June 21-22, 2014

In inaugurate the new Rec Hall, there will be a special luncheon and ceremony on Saturday 6/21 and the whole weekend promises to be a great time. It's an opportunity to mingle with campers from weeks other than your own and to experience extra time on the island.  This will be the Rec Hall party of the century! Space is still available!

If you would like to join us for the weekend, or longer, please follow the usual reservation process by sending the completed paperwork to Sally Hopkins Wilson, TMI Registrar, at P.O. Box 736 Moorestown, NJ 08057.  The form is located at  As a reminder, the overnight rate is $140 for double occupancy and $156 for singles.  If you want your favorite cabin, send Sally your requests now!  The recently overhauled Appy will meet you at Shep's at 9 AM or noon on Saturday. 

Be forewarned!  While it may come as a disappointment, word has it that Will and Timothy are planning something other than beenies and weenies for lunch.

Don't hesitate, this will be the best Rec Hall celebration on the lake all Summer!