Appy Overhaul - The Final Installment

Appy in Topsham, Maine on May 6, on her way back to TMI.


If you haven’t seen the first four installments of this series and want the beginning of the story, scroll down the TMI home page.

A refurbished Appy, with a brand new keel, is back in the Launch House at TMI, ready to begin her 35th year of service.  She was trucked back to Winnipesaukee from Great Island Boat Yard in Harpswell, Maine on the morning of May 6th.  Below are some photos from the previous day, as the overhaul work was being finished.


Back inside at Great Island Boat Yard, with a polished hull and new red boot stripe.


Reflections in the polished port side hull.


Polished transom, and the name plate has fresh coat of varnish.


The new keel, made of mahogany.


Another shot of the aft part of the keel.


The exterior deck has a new coat of green paint.


The interior hull and deck have a new coat of gray, the forward bulkhead and engine box have new white, and the benches have all been revarnished.


The last things being done on the final day of work were the reinstallation of fittings that had been removed, and a second try at putting in the cabin ceiling panels.  Here Matt Meader is fitting one of the panels.  The original installation of the panels was not satisfactory, with some showing wrinkles or not staying in place.  Notice also that the windows have been reinstalled, with new sliding hardware for the side windows.


At 5 AM on the morning of May 6th, Eugene from Journey’s End Marina showed up with his boat transport trailer to load Appy and haul her back to Shep’s.


By the dawn’s early light… it was a tight fit getting the trailer around other boats and under Appy, but these guys are pros.


Eugene the transport driver and Graham Wright from Great Island Boat Yard getting Appy set on the trailer.


Eugene getting Appy strapped down.  The trailer could have accommodated a boat nearly twice as long.


Appy just after arriving back at Shep’s.


Afloat again on Winnipesaukee…


…and back at TMI.


Great Island Boat Yard did a fantastic job, both in terms of workmanship and in communicating with their client.  Although most Three Milers won’t be able to see the most important part of the job, the new keel, everyone should be able to appreciate the work that was done above the waterline.