Appy Overhaul - Installment #4

Appy afloat in Orr’s Cove at Great Island Boat Yard, at the head of Quahog Bay, Harpswell, Maine, April 24, 2014 (one day after “ice-out” was declared on Lake Winnipesaukee).


If you haven’t seen the first three installments of this series and want the beginning of the story, scroll down the TMI home page.


Appy was put in the water the morning of April 24th at Great Island Boat Yard for sea trials, likely the first time she has ever been in salt water.  The trials went well, with some minor adjustments necessary to properly align the motor with the propeller shaft.  There is still some work to be done, including installation of all the windows, seating, and some miscellaneous fittings, as well as more painting and exterior varnish, but the transformation so far is remarkable.


The previous installment of this series highlighted the removal of the old keel and the preparatory work that was taking place for the fabrication and installment of a new keel, to be done with laminated mahogany.  In the next three photos below, taken on March 29th, you can see that the first piece of mahogany was integrated into the hull with fiberglass, and additional layers of mahogany were then added on to build up the keel.


Keel fabrication, from the bow looking aft.


From the stern looking forward.


Port aft quarter view.


Here’s a review of more recent work:


The exterior hull has been wet sanded and polished, and the red boot line has been repainted.


The cabin roof has been repainted and the white trim has been replaced.


The new rub rail has been installed and properly sealed, with nicely mitered corners.


Most of the new cabin ceiling soft panels have been cut and installed.


A new battery box has been installed forward of the motor.


The interior hull has a new coat of gray paint.


In early May, Appy will be trucked from Great Island Boat Yard to her normal winter home, Shep Brown’s Boat Basin in Meredith on Lake Winnipesaukee.  Once there, she’ll be ready for many more years of service to Three Mile Island campers.


Appy’s 2013-2014 winter home, off Rt. 24 in Harpswell, Maine.