Rec Hall Update

Thanks to all who contributed to the Rec Hall renovation! Thanks to you, we were able to begin work last fall. We started by replacing the old roof, and were able to finish that part of the work before winter weather interrupted.

After the new, high-tech roof had been snowed on all winter, Off-Season Manager Dinty Child noticed smoke coming off the structure. Investigating, he discovered that the melting snow had caused a short-circuit in a complex radio device that had been hidden in the roof.

It seems that TMI's location, and our off-the-grid radio silence, make it an ideal place from which to monitor communications all around Lake Winnipesaukee. We believe that the NSA bribed the roofing contractor to install the device in order to surveil wealthy property owners and tourists.

For photos of the new Rec Hall roof and its surprise package, see this album in our recently redesigned photo gallery.