Appy Overhaul - Installment #3

The original keel has now been removed, and the bottom of the hull is being prepared for installation of a new keel.  The old keel was made of fir in mostly one piece; the new keel will be made of laminated mahogany.

Here’s a photo of the old keel after it was removed on March 14th.  The removal process went very smoothly and was easier than expected.

The boat yard received four large pieces of mahogany, each approximately 4” x 10” and about 14 feet long, from which to fabricate the new keel.


The hull is being prepared for a better keel-hull interface by removing the gel coat along both sides of the keel line, so that fiberglass can be applied.

Looking forward; the notch is where the propeller shaft comes through the hull.


Looking aft; you can see where the gel coat has been removed for better fiberglass adhesion.  You can also see the water intake for engine cooling and on the centerline one of several holes for the keel bolts.


Here’s Matthew Meader, one of the skilled yard workers who have been working on Appy.  Matt was taking a break from preparing the hull for the new keel.


Other aspects of the overhaul are coming along nicely.  All of the seating has been removed and had a coat of polyurethane applied.


The new rub rail has been delivered and is waiting for installation.


The finish on the cabin structure has been redone inside and out.  These pictures don’t show it well, but it’s a huge improvement.


Windshield frames and miscellaneous pieces in the process of being refinished.


The exterior hull will be wet sanded and polished.  Here’s a look at the transom, which has already been done (again, the picture doesn’t do it justice).


Loose fiberglass tabbing where the deck meets the interior hull has been repaired.


So far, the work is on schedule with no major concerns.  It’s hard to think of Appy making runs to Shep’s and back when the ice is still two feet thick or more on much of Lake Winnipesaukee, but TMI opening weekend 2014 will be here before you know it!

Most of these photos were taken on March 18th.  Thanks again to Graham Wright of Great Island Boat Yard for the use of some of his photos.