Appy Overhaul Update

Appy V in GIBY's Refit Bay


Since our initial report, Appy has been moved to Great Island Boat Yard’s “refit” bay, and work above the waterline has begun in earnest.  In the cabin, the engine has been removed so that the keel bolts can be accessed, and all the glass has been removed.  The engine beds have been inspected and are in good shape.


The brass half-round pieces that line the aft cabin area have been taken off so that stripped screw holes can be filled.



Triangular-shaped mahogany pieces have been added on each side of the aft interior cabin structure to strengthen the cabin, and open joints are being repaired.



Both the outside and inside of the cabin will be re-varnished, and work to strip the varnish from the exterior is underway.  The benches will also be refinished.



The original overhead foam panels have been removed, and will be replaced with a similar material.



The side window slide mechanisms had deteriorated to the point that the windows were jamming, so that hardware was removed and will be replaced.


The rub rail around the entire boat has been removed, and areas around the deck edge that have been compromised are being repaired.



The propeller and prop shaft have been removed, and taking off the old keel and then fabricating and installing a new keel is one of the next big steps.



One of the neat things about Three Mile is the continuity between family generations, and the (relatively) recent history of the camp launches is no exception.  TMI camper and committee member John Calvin Stevens II was heavily involved in acquiring Appy IV, which was built in Portland, Maine in 1963 by Royal Lowell.  John’s son Joel, a former Launch Boy and two time TMI committee chair, was likewise the primary force behind Appy V, which was built in Pownal, Maine by William Lowell of Heritage Boat Works and put in service near the end of the 1980 summer season.  Both of Joel’s kids, Chris and Gwen, were launch drivers on the TMI croo.  And now Gwen’s husband Bobby Hall, a licensed Coast Guard captain and marine electrician at Great Island Boat Yard, is providing expert consultation with the current overhaul of Appy V.

Matt Cartmell and Bobby Hall talking boats


Most of these photos were taken on February 12th.  Thanks to Graham Wright of Great Island Boat Yard for the use of some of his photos.