Appy's Winter Overhaul

After 33+ years of service, Appy needs a bit more TLC than TMI launch drivers can provide.  This past fall, after closing weekend, Appy was trucked over to Great Island Boat Yard in Harpswell, Maine for a winter overhaul.  A marine survey done before the start of the 2013 summer season identified several items that needed to be taken care of before the 2014 season, most critically replacement of the boat’s keel, which is made of wood and not fiberglass like the rest of the hull.

Appy V at Great Island Boat Yard


Appy received a new engine and transmission in 2006, so the power plant is in good shape and won’t need attention beyond scheduled maintenance.  The boat is currently indoors at the boat yard, and technicians have started evaluating her current condition and planning the work ahead.

Port side rub rail partially detached to evaluate condition


The original keel has been marked up in preparation for replacement


Thirty-three years worth of wear and tear on the keel


Engine cover pulled back and floor boards removed for inspection


The boat yard folks are very efficient with their use of inside storage space.  Below is a photo that shows Appy nestled in with just a few of the other boats in one of the yard’s large storage buildings.  Most of the other boats are much bigger than Appy, as you can see.

Appy hanging out with the big girls


All of these photos were taken on December 31, 2013.  Hopefully as work progresses, we’ll have updates to show how things are coming along.