2011 Book Talk

This summer's book for discussion is Hope Beneath Our Feet: Restoring Our Place in the Natural World, edited by Martin Keogh. It is a collection of essays written in response to the question: "In a time of environmental crisis, how can we live right now?"

Each week different TMI campers have met to discuss various essays in the book. The discussions have usually led to sharing and brainstorming active ways to respond to the current environmental crisis in our day to day lives both on and off the island. Some really fantastic ideas have come up during these discussions, so much so that we wanted to have a way to publicize these ideas for the rest of the Three Mile community to see.

If you have any ideas, comments, or questions pertaining to the book discussions this summer please feel free to contact Kai or Sarah. We will respond or post your ideas on this site.

Actions and goals shared by community members:

  • Give up corn-fed beef
  • Grow our own food
  • Lead by example
  • Engage in dialogue with people who may not share common views
  • Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)
  • Utilize rain barrels for gardens and potted plants
  • Compost and recycle within our home as much as possible
  • Ride bikes and walk instead of driving, carpool
  • Use cloth bags or milk crates to carry groceries from the store
  • Drink from travel mugs and BPA-free reusable water bottles
  • Share lawnmowers, snowblowers, etc. with neighbors
  • Use a push, non-gas lawn mower
  • Meet our neighbors and be active members of our communities
  • Use cloth napkins and only wash them when necessary
  • Hang clothes to dry outside or inside (to eliminate the need for a humidifier!) and eliminate the need to use a dryer
  • Learn about the products we buy and the practices behind their production- ask questions
  • Refrain from using unnecessary products like straws which generate more waste
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Find time for ourselves and our families- stress causes us to make unhealthy choices

Resources Shared:

Annual Bioneers Conference w/ satellite gatherings throughout the country-- http://www.bioneers.org/campaigns/beaming-bioneers-program

Muzzled, by Juan Williams

Annie Leonard's "The Story of Stuff"

Former Book Talk Books:

2010- "Cradle to Cradle"

2009- "The Omnivore's Dilemma"

2008- An article on "Blue Washing"

2007-Excerpts from Rachel Carson & Annie Dillard

2006- "Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder"