Three Mile Island Camp is a family-oriented facility of the Appalachian Mountain Club. Located on Lake Winnipesaukee in Meredith, NH, Three Mile Island welcomes AMC members and the general public to summer and fall vacation opportunities. Situated on an island of 43 rocky woodland acres, this shorefront camp offers families a delightful recreational experience in the heart of New Hampshire's lake district. Exploration of the woods, swimming, boating, and conservation programs are just a sampling of the pleasures this island getaway offers. Meals are served family style in a warm, social atmosphere. Three Mile Island camp is open for nine summer weeks and four fall weekends.

Appy Overhaul - Installment #4

Appy afloat in Orr’s Cove at Great Island Boat Yard, at the head of Quahog Bay, Harpswell, Maine, April 24, 2014 (one day after “ice-out” was declared on Lake Winnipesaukee).


If you haven’t seen the first three installments of this series and want the beginning of the story, scroll down the TMI home page.


Appy Overhaul - Installment #3

The original keel has now been removed, and the bottom of the hull is being prepared for installation of a new keel.  The old keel was made of fir in mostly one piece; the new keel will be made of laminated mahogany.

Here’s a photo of the old keel after it was removed on March 14th.  The removal process went very smoothly and was easier than expected.

The boat yard received four large pieces of mahogany, each approximately 4” x 10” and about 14 feet long, from which to fabricate the new keel.


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