Subcommittee Descriptions


The Management subcommittee is responsible for all financial, human resource and operational aspects of running TMI Camp, and for committee governance.

  • Finances: Oversight of revenue and expenditures, financial protocols, assessment of the financial impact of potential expenditures (w/ Treasurer)
  • Human Resources: Hiring and Evaluation (w/ Chair), Salaries, Job Descriptions
  • Camp Operations: Oversight of all operations, updating of Operating Policies, monitoring of facility use (summer and off-season)
  • Governance: Committee functions, updating of by-laws, long range plan

Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education subcommittee is responsible for educational programs, environmental impacts, marketing, communication, and volunteers.

  • Education: Implementation of island education program (w/ Island Educator)
  • Environment: Oversight of programs and policies affecting the camp’s environmental impact, monitoring of impact over time
  • Marketing: Creation and execution of marketing strategies to maximize camp use
  • Communication: Oversight of the TMI website
  • Volunteers: Volunteer opportunities, support and recognition


The Maintenance subcommittee is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and construction of all TMI Camp buildings and infrastructure.

  • Maintenance and repair: Oversight of TMI’s built environment, yearly updates of building maintenance database
  • Project planning and evaluation: Assessment of the need for major repair and/or construction projects
  • Project oversight and supervision: Monitoring of all projects taking place on TMI Camp property