The TMI Committee

AMC Three Mile Island Camp is managed by volunteers. The TMI Volunteer "Committee" sets policies and goals for the camp, hires the summer managers and oversees the long-term financial affairs of the Camp. The Committee helps to ensure that Three Mile continues to meet the vision articulated by one of its founders, Roswell Bigelow Lawrence, in October 1900:

But not only should the natural beauties of the island be protected and no work of man allowed to mar; but campers also should live as close to nature as the rules of hygiene and reasonable regard to comfort will allow. Golf and fine clothes should be tabooed; early hours, camp costumes, and simple fare should be the rules. Canoeing and swimming, fishing and sailing, tramping and climbing, resting and communing with nature should be the order of every day. Briefly, the island camp should never become a hotel, but remain a camp, pure and simple, where club members may find rest and live as close to nature as possible.


Comprised of fourteen members, the Three Mile Island Committee meets formally three times per year, (September, February and May). Committee member terms are four years long, with three new members recruited each year. Volunteering for the Committee is a fun way to help preserve our special island community. If you'd like more information, or would like to apply for the Committee, contact the Chair, Dave Carpenter, at



The Management subcommittee is responsible for all financial, human resource and operational aspects of running TMI Camp, and for committee governance.

· Finances: Oversight of revenue and expenditures, financial protocols, assessment of the financial impact of potential expenditures (w/ Treasurer)

· Human Resources: Hiring and Evaluation (w/ Chair), Salaries, Job Descriptions

· Camp Operations: Oversight of all operations, updating of Operating Policies, monitoring of facility use (summer and off-season)

· Governance: Committee functions, updating of by-laws, long range plan


Outreach and Education

The Outreach and Education subcommittee is responsible for educational programs, environmental impacts, marketing, communication, and volunteers.

· Education: Implementation of island education program (w/ Island Educator)

· Environment: Oversight of programs and policies affecting the camp’s environmental impact, monitoring of impact over time

· Marketing: Creation and execution of marketing strategies to maximize camp use

· Communication: Oversight of the TMI website

· Volunteers: Volunteer opportunities, support and recognition



The Maintenance subcommittee is responsible for the maintenance, repair, and construction of all TMI Camp buildings and infrastructure.

· Maintenance and repair: Oversight of TMI’s built environment, yearly updates of building maintenance database

· Project planning and evaluation: Assessment of the need for major repair and/or construction projects

· Project oversight and supervision: Monitoring of all projects taking place on TMI Camp property

Instructions for completing and submitting the committee application form electronically:

1. Click on the MS Word document "Application for the TMI Committee" below.

2. After the document opens in MS Word on your computer, edit it to add your information.

3. When you're done adding your information, save the new document on your computer.

4. Attach your committee application to an email and send it to the current committee chair: